Thursday, December 16, 2010

Art Academy Self Portraits Update

You can follow the progress of the Art Academy students as they continue working on their self-portraits...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Students aged 5 to 17 exhibited their works and shared with friends and family.

Teachers and young artists enjoyed the after school art class exhibit this evening at the gallery.

Fall After School Art Exhibit Sampling

Just a small sample of the student work on display this evening at the AfK gallery.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Heather Aston

Monday concluded the three day grade 7 enrichment program for the first term. Students from around North Vancouver worked with artist Heather Aston on painting and print making. The students were fantastic and the work they produced was remarkable. Well, see for yourself!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bo Gyeong Kim

Larger than life

Irene Huang
Academy students enjoy working larger than life as they develop self portraits under the guidance of their instructor Ms. Anton-Marlow.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Art Academy Self Portraits

Bo Gyeong Kim

Ben Brighton
Artists for Kids Academy students working on self-portraits as they explore the theme of personal landscapes.  This year's Academy, attended by 29 students from a number of North Vancouver Secondary schools, is taught by Teresa Anton Marlow.  The students in her class will be holding an exhibition at the Seymour Art Gallery later this school year.

Anais Kim

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recent Print Releases

Ian Wallace:
Drums and Paint
colour inkjet photograph on archival paper
edition of 35, 3 artist's proofs,
signed and numbered by the artist
paper size: 19.75 x 24"
image size: 12 x 16"
released November, 2010
price: $2500

The ink jet print of “Drums and Paint” reprises the artist’s interest in the studio experience as an integral part of his collective imagery. His notice of the strong contrast and "rich colour of the paint pot and the canvas surface" struck a resonance with him as did the "memory of sound" implied by his drum kit. The architectural composition of this photo work reflects Wallace’s formal interest in linear space and the bold warm colour imbues a strength which is unmistakably Wallace at his existential best.

Rodney Graham:
The Gifted Amateur
(installation view)
archival C print
printed on Kodak endura paper
edition 35, 5 artist's proofs, signed and numbered by the artist
paper size 64 x 54.5 cm. (29 x 28")
image size 73.5 x 71 cm. (20 x 20")
released November, 2010
price: $2500

The photograph "The Gifted Amateur (installation view)" is a production still which caught the eye of the artist as he created the set for his major lightbox work: "The Gifted Amateur" in 2007. It is a 'graham style' re-creation of a Morris Lewis inspired 1962 living room art studio. Rodney Graham's creation of elaborate sets have figured prominently in his work in recent years. Of special interest to Artists for Kids is the fact this work was built and photographed in the old Lonsdale school gym which is now the site of the new Artists for Kids Gallery in North Vancouver, BC.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grade 7 enrichment project

Next week we will begin the first group of enrichment classes with Artist Heather Aston. Come back and see what the students are up to.

Welcome to our blog.

We hope you become a frequent visitor to our blog. This will be the place to find out how we are doing and WHAT we are up to. This photo of Gordon Smith working with senior students is just an example of the great things that happen at Artists for Kids.