Friday, August 12, 2011

Camp is over for another year...

Summer Paradise for Young Artists
Now in its 18th year, the Artists for Kids' Paradise Valley Summer School of Visual Art continues to inspire young artists to reach beyond their comfort zones and explore new mediums and new ideas. The energy and enthusiasm reached all time highs with renowned artist George Littlechild (pictured above) inspiring the junior camp artists, and Marcus Bowcott and Judson Beaumont mentoring the senior art students. Here's what some of the young artists had to say...
When asked what he liked best about summer art camp, 8-year old Jonathan thought for a moment and replied, "Isn't it obvious, the art!"
This years camps were filled to capacity attracting students from as far away as Ontario, Mexico and Korea.  The quality of work that these young people produce each year under the guidance of our artists and our team of outstanding art teachers is always awe inspiring. As one secondary student who has attended this summer camp for several years casually commented, "That's what I like about art camp, it never ceases to amaze me."
Amaze us, it did and as students began to depart at the end of their five day Paradise Valley Summer School of Visual Art experience, all you could hear around you is one student after another saying "See you next year."