Thursday, January 20, 2011

AfK Banner Contest

Artists for Kids is currently looking for submissions to our public art project. Students in grades K to 12 are creating one-of-a-kind designs to celebrate the coming of the new AfK Gallery on Lonsdale Avenue, scheduled to be complete in Spring 2012. The selected banner designs will be professionally produced and hung beside the corresponding work of one of three AfK patrons: Bill Reid, Gordon Smith, and Jack Shadbolt. The banners will line both sides of Lonsdale from the waterfront to the highway, for two years.

Julie Pappajohn's sample interpretive responses to the Bill Reid "Haida Grizzly" from the AfK Permanent Collection, for the Banner Contest.
The deadline for submitting artwork for the Banner Contest is February 4th...if your teacher hasn't started this project in your classroom, you should ask them to contact the AfK for a lesson plan and package!! Good Luck to all entrants!!

Julie Pappajohn with interpretive responses to the Jack Shadbolt's piece, "Winter Garden," from the AfK Permanent Collection, also for the Banner Contest.

All pieces meeting the criteria will be posted on our blog for everyone to enjoy, and will be entered into a draw to win one of three framed Gordon Smith prints.

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