Monday, March 5, 2012

Thinking Outside the Canvas - Adult Art Workshop Winter Session

For the final session of the Thinking Outside the Canvas workshop, the students "warmed up" with a drawing exercise to music...blindfolded!  The idea was to forget about the outcome and surrender to the music, letting your hand express the beat and tempo...they look like they're having fun!

The rest of the session was spent pulling together all of the studies and other painted and drawn pieces that the students had done during the first 3 sessions, and using fragments from these to build a mixed-media collage on their large prepared surfaces.

Lots of cutting and ripping and gluing ensued, and then some more cutting as the pieces were turned and analyzed and cropped to create  better compositions.  The final pieces, both big ones and little ones, were each completely different from each other, but all quite spectacular...see for yourself!


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