Thursday, November 24, 2011

Drawing without Thinking: Adult Art Class, Session 2

In the second session of the new "Colouring Outside Your Mind" workshop for adults, the students started the evening by mark-making, working on one sheet of paper, and then rotating around the table to make marks on all the other papers in response to what was already there.  

Next up, a series of timed drawings following different instructions, including: drawing with your opposite hand, drawing with your eyes closed, drawing without looking at your paper, drawing what you "see" when you press your hands on your eyeballs, etc.

Each student brought an object to draw, and they were to "dissect" the object, to break it down into its essential components, and complete a series of 4 drawings on one large sheet of paper.  Then they got to paint these, which was the highlight of the evening.  Some basic colour theory helped make their work pretty amazing!

Look for next week's installment of the Colouring Outside Your Mind workshop series, and please leave a comment here...

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