Sunday, November 13, 2011

Colouring Outside Your Mind - Adult Art Class

Over the years, the Artists for Kids has been asked by parents to add an art class for adults to their selection of offerings.  This Fall, the opportunity to do that arose.

"Colouring Outside Your Mind" is a four session workshop taught by two local artists, Mary Shaughnessy and Sarah David.  It runs once a week in November at the Artists for Kids Studio.  Our first offering of this course has 12 registrants, who come to the course with a variety of creative backgrounds, and a serious interest in trying something new and outside their comfort zone!  

Through spontaneous, playful experimentation, these participants will discover how to access their creative intuition, while learning techniques and skills with painting and drawing materials.  In a non-threatening, fun environment, they will be guided through a series of progressive sessions, keeping it purely abstract, and they will emerge at the end with some great tools for creative expression.

Session One - having fun with paint!
In our first session, the class dripped, drizzled and splattered, applied ink and paint with string and other "tools," and then blew paint through straws while listening to music.  The work they produced in this, and the next two sessions, will be used in the final session to create a one-of-a-kind mixed media collage.  This week we are using drawing media.  Check back next week for updates on their progress!

Straw-blowing art
Drizzle, Drip and Splatter work
Mark-making with inks on tissue

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