Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Colouring Outside Your Mind Spring '12 Day 4

In the final session of the Colouring Outside Your Mind winter workshop, the students began with a warmup exercise to get the creative juices flowing.  They drew into styrofoam, and then used acrylic paint and gel medium to paint the "plate" and make quick prints onto black fun, and very addictive!

After this exercise, they dove right into the task of cutting and ripping and gluing together fragments of the many different painted surfaces that they had created over the previous 3 sessions...this final session is called "the art of putting things together."
Using gel medium as "glue," the students were encouraged to simply begin, and to evaluate their piece after they had something to critique.
It is helpful to look at the composition from different sides, to turn the piece, even as you work, to consider other angles that might work better compositionally.  Rather than thinking about the piece as a whole, it often works to "crop" the larger piece into smaller compositions, and to continue building on each piece independently.

Acrylic paint was added to develop areas further, to cover up parts that the students didn't like, and to tie the whole piece together.  The final "layer" of oil pastel and/or grease pencil was added to highlight certain shapes and areas of colour or texture.  The final products from this exercise are abstract and fabulous...see for yourself!

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