Friday, May 18, 2012

Thinking Outside the Canvas Spring '12 Day 2

The second class of the Thinking Outside the Canvas adult art class began with pushing paint around on gessoed paper to create a colour field upon which the students will build additional layers over the next two classes.  The final piece will be a mixed media collage loosely based on an image/photo that each student brought to the class to serve as inspiration and reference for many of the exercises.

This class was all about print-making, starting with basic inkblots using india ink and acrylic paint, and then working into these with oil pastels.  We also did direct transfers by drawing into thin sheets of styrofoam and then painting these with acrylics...the results were amazing, and the process simple, but addictive!

The last printing we did was using a collograph as a plate, inking up the plates with Speedball ink,  and running them through the press...always a bit of a mystery when pulling the print off the plate!  There will be more images of these prints in next week's blog post.

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