Monday, May 14, 2012

Colouring Outside Your Mind Spring 2012 Day 2

In this second session, the students learned to draw without fear!  Yes, those are indeed objects in the centre of the room, but rather than drawing them representationally, their purpose was to inspire the drawing process, to provide a starting point from which to learn a new technique or a new way of seeing.

Draw with your non-dominant hand, draw without looking at your page, draw with both hands at the same time (note: this is challenging!), draw without lifting your pencil from the page...draw, draw, draw!

 Draw a memory, draw the shapes you see after you press your hands against your eyeballs, draw with pastel, pencil, graphite, conte, pen...draw, draw, draw!

Ok, now draw those objects, but in a dissecting way, an analytical way...draw the ESSENCE of the object, not the object itself.  What are its fundamental parts, the lines or textures or shapes that describe it?

Then paint what you have drawn...keep it abstract!  And, have fun.

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