Sunday, May 27, 2012

Thinking Outside the Canvas Spring '12 Day3

Here are the collograph prints made during the last class...

On Day3, "Mapping the Mind," the students did a warmup exercise using words, but in a visual way.  They created a stream-of-consciousness mind-map, beginning with one word inspired by the image they brought with them, and branching out into a network of words, thoughts and feelings.  

Then Sarah demonstrated how an idea for a piece of art can arise from looking at everyday objects in a slightly different way.  We zoomed in on a map, looking for a piece of cartography that when enlarged, becomes an abstract series of lines and symbols.  The students drew these lines on paper, and then painted with acrylic paint... 

The last exercise involved listening to a series of instructions on drawing a series of lines and shapes in a particular order, and then painting these in.  The "image" the students were drawing was an aerial view of (loosely) the Capilano watershed.

Despite the fact that the students were all following the same sequence, it is amazing how different their final products were...

And last, before leaving for the evening, the students added another layer to their ongoing piece of canvas, in this case torn or cut pieces of old maps.  These were adhered to the canvas with gel medium.

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